Our Vision

Evangelization –The Vision of Catholics for Christ is simply presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Word and Deed (Demonstrations) this vision is now, and has always been the fundamental mission of the church. This call to reach the nations with the good news of salvation began in the book of Acts, and has continued as a mission to the lost throughout the generations.

Preaching the Gospel through Word and deed (demonstration) is the primary call of the Church and so becomes the primary call for Catholics for Christ. It has been the heart-cry of God for 2000 years. Apostles and saints who have gone before us preached the Gospel to the lost in their generation and have passed on to us the torch that brings life.
Many in the past two millennia have received the call to share God’s Good News and have been transformed from ordinary people into extraordinary proclaimers.

As we look into the eyes of need, sickness, despair, and apathy, we know that the One greater in us yearns to give life and give it abundantly. He quietly reveals to our hearts “I am here”, “I am in you”. He tells us that we are THE PEOPLE of God, we are Gods representatives on earth in this – our generation. We have the power to change lives and that power is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout history this has always been life’s greatest adventure.

So I ask you to join with us in this noble quest; millions of our fellow brothers and sisters in generations past have gone before us.
We can make a difference, we must make a difference. The only way we can fail is to do nothing. We must not be like the Nobleman who buried his talent the Lord gave him, who produced nothing in his life, we can produce fruit, we were made to produce fruit, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we will produce fruit. God Bless.

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